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Transformers 3 movie poster featuring Optimus, Shia LaBeouf and Pillow Lips

When I started writing film reviews for The Nerd Report, I knew I’d have to make a decision; Do I pay premium movie ticket prices to see what’s so obviously complete garbage – all in the name of keeping the people up-to-date on the latest movie releases? Or do I forego the movie altogether in a “Fuck you!” statement to shitty movie-makers everywhere?

When I saw the first trailer for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon I could feel the dread building up. Here was a movie that was directed by a guy I hate, starring an actor I can’t stand, about giant robots fighting each other. In my mind, there was no way this movie was going to be good – and surprisingly enough it was worse than I thought it would be! So for you, my reading audience, I chose the former and donated money to what I knew would be a terrible movie. God have mercy on my soul.

(Spoilers activated.)

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Super 8, written and directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg

If Super 8 felt a little familiar to you, that’s probably because it was. Written and directed by Lost‘s JJ Abrams, Super 8 is an obvious homage to those handful of films from the late ’70s-’80s that coined the term ‘summer blockbuster.’

After the jump, find out what worked and what didn’t in this sci-fi megahit.

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Movie poster for Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy hits the ground running, picking up soon after the original left off. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is now CEO of Encom with a young son in tow named Sam (Garrett Hedlund). The two appear to share a tight bond, with the elder Flynn sharing the stories of his exploits with his son as bedtime stories. However, that bond is tested when K-Flynn goes missing after a night at the ‘office.’

Sam is then forced to grow up without a father, taking a path similar to Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins. He’s an adrenaline-junky with a devil-may-care attitude as well as a computer genius (because computer skills are hereditary?).

So anyways, through some way or another, Sam gets transported to The Grid – where the user is no longer a friend to programs. Sam gets captured immediately and does a lot of the same stuff his dad did in the original movie, i.e., the “games,” the motorcycle racing, stuff like that.

Sam also encounters various characters during his stay in the computer world, including Clue (digitally remastered HD Jeff Bridges), Quorra (Olivia Wilde), and ultimately his own father. Anyways, a bunch more shenanigans ensue… the end.

Tron: Legacy is very nice to look at, and the soundtrack fits really well with the feel of the movie, but does it offer audiences anything new to the Tron storyline? Sadly, no.

The original Tron was fun and different. The ideas presented in it may be dated by today’s standards, but that doesn’t take away the entertainment of the film. Legacy has all the looks of the original, but none of its charm.

Jeff Bridges was really Jeff Bridges-y too. The use of the word man… was almost too much to take.