At the end of April, Assorted Intricacies released a parody song of Like a G6 by Far East Movement. Titled Roll a D6, the song tells the story of a group of friends and the crazy shenanigans they encounter whilst playing Dungeons and Dragons. For anyone who’s never played the RPG, a D6 is your typical 6-sided die that is used frequently throughout D&D.

With lyrics like

In the basement rolling dice, I’m a wizard
When we play we think we fight giant lizards
Getting treasure piled high (piled high), Like the Rogue, Nyx
Steal a wallet from that guy? Roll a D6!


It’s that dungeon crawlin’ beast make you put your shields up
Make you put yo’ shields up, put yo’, put yo’ shields up! 

I would say this song’s on par with Weird Al Yankovic‘s White and Nerdy, and hopefully will encourage other similar takes on traditionally bad pop music.